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Talk to the Chef Aom tells her tale, her inspirations and her desire to keep the traditions of street food alive. Talking about street food. We explore the amazing street food scene and there is no question that Bangkok and Thailand have the best in the world. South Africa has been a culinary bubble waiting to burst. The fertile areas of Cape Town have given the stage for Chef Peter Tempelhoff. Also, there are plenty of recipes and other stories, including an update from Michelin in California that feature throughout the magazine.

Events: Words: Namai

Events: Words: Namai Bishop 92

A bite of the Big Apple in Algarve Namai Bishop บรรณาธิการระดับนานาชาติ ได้เดินทางไปยัง Vila Vita Fine Wine & Food Fair 2019 ที่ประเทศโปรตุเกสเพื่อพบกับเชฟที่โด่งดังที่สุดของ โปรตุเกส และเชฟ Thomas Allan ที่นำพารสชาติแบบนิวยอร์คมาสู่เมืองแห่งแสงแดดเจิดจ้า Algarve ! Airport Calamity! “It looked like the larder exploded!” Says Chef Thomas Allan of his arrival into Southern Portugal from his transatlantic flight from NYC. “You should have seen the customers inspectors faces, who are more used to bags of golf clubs here in the Algarve no doubt! When we unpacked our luggage what did they uncover? A mass of sauces, batter, pastry - some of our preparations were still even frozen when we got here!” Part-prepped authentic local foods, lovingly transported across an entire continent; that’s the extent this revered NYC based Chef goes to with the aim he says of “Bringing a taste of NYC as close and as accurately, as possible to the rest of the world”. Throughly ‘Modern’ “What we do at in our kitchen is quintessentially New York.” The kitchen Chef Thomas Allan modestly refers to is the two- Michelin starred restaurant The Modern, the pinnacle dining spot of an already iconic Manhattan institution, MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) where he presides as Executive Chef. “We have genuine love of the city and how cosmopolitan it is - it’s a city made up of so many different nationalities, that all have merged to create a new separate multi-cultural identity - so when we travel abroad to different countries, we want to really showcase the melting pot that’s become the city’s own unique flavour.” He continues “So we brought as many genuine ingredients as 93