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Talk to the Chef Aom tells her tale, her inspirations and her desire to keep the traditions of street food alive. Talking about street food. We explore the amazing street food scene and there is no question that Bangkok and Thailand have the best in the world. South Africa has been a culinary bubble waiting to burst. The fertile areas of Cape Town have given the stage for Chef Peter Tempelhoff. Also, there are plenty of recipes and other stories, including an update from Michelin in California that feature throughout the magazine.

him move to Bangkok.

him move to Bangkok. With the job done in Danang and Phu Quoc, SO Jeff was tapped to be the new general manager by the founding general manager of the brand, Gilles Cretallaz, who is now Vice President of Luxury Brands in several regions of Asia. “The hotel is the first urban flagship of the company for the luxury lifestyle,” Brun said. I was privileged to be offered to take on the SO/ Bangkok and SO/ experience… two months later I am on the job.” Of course, there were changes for Brun. The space in which he walked differed. The Bangkok location is in a city center and is an entirely different ecosystem. It is known the environment very well that matters no matter where he goes for Brun. This is especially important as the guests are highly loyal and many are long term repeats. 22 “My third day here I met a guest who it was his 100th stay at the hotel,” Brun said. “That is his 100th arrival. He’s been staying almost 300 days, almost an entire year.” How impressive this is for a General Manager According to Brun, the guests come back to the hotel and the team. The décor, the proactive design even down to the uniform all reinforce the luxury feel. The staff is the other essential ingredient as well they are the ones that make the guests feel like family, knowing the details of their partner’s name, their favorite dishes, and the little idiosyncrasies that make people unique. “Behind the scenes, luxury is a finetuned machine that doesn’t happen by accident,” Brun said “Every day we review our guests. We screen them. We keep track of what they like and don’t like. It’s a very fine-tuned operation.” Brun’s daily walks have him constantly inspecting the intricate machinery of the hotel and he always begins with the famous morning breakfast. Brun was clear with how important breakfast was. “Every single one of the guests will try breakfast. If you cannot impress them by breakfast they will not be impressed by anything else,” he said. Getting a good first impression is important especially since the hotel has six different outlets for wine and dining, Red Oven, Park Society, HI-SO, KOF, Chocolab, and Mixo. These operations mix with the guests and draw in outside clientele with innovative events such as Cheese@SO, SO Fit SO Fun Run, and Drag Me at SO among so many others. The first event draws cheese lovers from around the city as goods from around the world are collected and sampled by guests and customers.