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Talk to the Chef Aom tells her tale, her inspirations and her desire to keep the traditions of street food alive. Talking about street food. We explore the amazing street food scene and there is no question that Bangkok and Thailand have the best in the world. South Africa has been a culinary bubble waiting to burst. The fertile areas of Cape Town have given the stage for Chef Peter Tempelhoff. Also, there are plenty of recipes and other stories, including an update from Michelin in California that feature throughout the magazine.

Carrot, Karoo Truffle

Carrot, Karoo Truffle and Scallop Tea smoked duck, fermented pear, binchotan dressing, miso aubergine Karoo lamb with sweetbreads, Parmesan pap, spekboom and pickled honey, gremolata and jus gras” he told me. An Urban Oasis At FYN, Tempelhoff switches scenery, with a bold move back to the bustle of the city centre. And no better way to showcase what’s happening in a radically rising culinary city than this urban dining space in a booming locale. FYN restaurant is as groundbreaking as it’s contextual surroundings: restoration of Cape Town’s historic Speakers Corner, replete with heritage buildings, is underway Tempelhoff is an anchor tenant of this new development. The original interiors of the dining space too have been creatively remastered and given new life; similarly, 52 the Chef is reworking local and traditional elements in creating something completely new with his latest dining concept. The ‘blank canvas’ space he was given on the top floor inspired the Chef as much as an empty dish waiting to be designed. “We engineered every inch of FYN; it’s a meticulous realisation of a dream I’ve had since I started cooking 23 years ago! I dreamt back then of a restaurant where the menu would incorporate taste variations of the same ingredient on one plate” he tells me. He’s come full circle: “23 years later my vision is becoming a reality - it’s amazing to see that the menu at FYN has not strayed too far from that dream concept, all these years later!”.

Yuzu, raspberry, puffed rice, white chocolate Tuna, Tomato ponzu, shio kombu, fermented tofu Working alongside Tempelhoff are two of South Africa’s most revered professions, as Tempelhoff drew on his little black book to roped in two of the best here in the business! Ashley Moss (formerly head Chef at Greenhouse) and Jennifer Hugé (formerly front of house manager at the famed winelands eatery La Colombe) bring to FYN all their well honed expertise to cater to an international clientele. Afro + Asian = Afrasian! The design of the Cape Town restaurant hints at the menu, with its mix of Afro-Japanese decor. This cross-continent design marriage is not as bizarre as it first may appear: Japanese and African cultures have after all, many similar design elements, incorporating materials such as dark woods, raw rope, textured ceramics, natural beads and raw stone. “A vast mural dominates the back wall which depicts a hybrid African-Japanese warrior woman carrying the symbolic birds of the 2 nations. As colorful as Ashley’s own tattoos. It was no surprise to learn it was done by his same tattoo designer! Hanging wooden discs in the dining room here give a sense of an organic enchanted forest - a reference perhaps to the natural Plant based menu that’s also on offer? This Afro-Asian mix (or as Chef Ashley describes it “Africanese”) is present too on diners’ plates. The menu, laced with umamirich local and Japanese ingredients, including wakame (edible 53