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Talk to the Chef Aom tells her tale, her inspirations and her desire to keep the traditions of street food alive. Talking about street food. We explore the amazing street food scene and there is no question that Bangkok and Thailand have the best in the world. South Africa has been a culinary bubble waiting to burst. The fertile areas of Cape Town have given the stage for Chef Peter Tempelhoff. Also, there are plenty of recipes and other stories, including an update from Michelin in California that feature throughout the magazine.

“The elevators doors

“The elevators doors open you cannot have more of a scent of cheese in the lobby. It’s absolutely amazing.” Brun said. “Wine and Dine is SO connected to the experience of the guest.” The hotel has also put together a wellness initiative and one of the biggest events of the year as more than 1200 participants gathered together to run 5k-10k around Lumpini park. All proceeds from the event were given to two charities, BaanGerda and Hands Across The Water to support children in need across Thailand. The event is expected to reach new heights next year with a predicted participant number of 2000. Other events included Drag Me at SO, a Pride event held on the top floor of the hotel. The event came first and foremost from the staff and is part of the playful theme to the hotel. “It was a public party on the top floor that 24 had a Drag Queen parade. The whole spectrum of people. One of the MC’s was a host of the restaurant,” Brun said. “The playful side of SO Sofitel Bangkok comes from letting each our ambassador’s express themselves in their own way. Be SO but don’t forget to be yourself.” The playful side of the hotel is also expressed in the monthly pool party in the heart of the city, SO Pool Party. “It is a well-known pool party,” Brun said. Throughout each event, we have over 750 guests, 2 DJs, and a great ambiance.” The playful side has gotten serious with Red Oven as recently chef Kenny Karlsson has taken over. He has reviewed the menu and offerings and come to the position with more maturity and experience. “He’s taken a really on the floor approach,” Brun said. “It has a very guest-centric experience. He comes out of the kitchen. Luxury doesn’t have to be all deconstructed cuisine. In a nutshell it's run very smoothly but very fresh.” While Red Oven has been renovated with the new chef there will also be changes with Park Society. The dramatic changes will be complete before the festive season. “You won’t even recognize it. The owner is very supportive and cheerful,” Brun said. “We really want to make our mark in with this.” By the end of the night, Brun is on the top floor of the building. Walking the rooftop bar, enjoying the guests’ company and the city landscape. “It’s a fantastic team to be working with Accor. We keep growing at a pace that is unbelievable. It’s one of the most fantastic companies to work for,” Brun said. Having covered the entirety of SO Sofitel Bangkok, Brun is keeping pace with the growing luxury brand and market. Chef